Why invest in Alex Villas Management

SUPERHOST with over 1500 guest reviews

Professional property management team with over fifteen years of experience in villas management combined with deep knowledge of Bali holiday real estate market.


We offer an investment opportunity into booming market starting from $20.000 with up to 30% interest yearly.

We rent undervalued villas with untapped short term sublet potential, renovate, decorate, list and market of multiple OTA’s, process bookings, take care of guests and all aspects of property management details while you enjoy passive income.


Holiday Property Investment from $ 20.000

Get a holiday villa that pays for itself and generates steady passive income.


Safe investment with up to 30 % interest yearly

We take care of all aspects of property management and guarantee 15% interest yearly on your investment. We deduct 20% management fee and villa expenses from villa revenue and payout the rest to to investor.


Monthly Reporting and Payouts
Transparent reporting of villa revenue and expenses and monthly payouts on 1/12 of Principal + Profit.


15% Interest Yearly Guaranteed

We guarantee 15% interest yearly on your investment.


Your Holiday villa in Bali

Stay in your villa 2 weeks per year at the cost of maintenance